Crowdfunding the Cure

Conquering the negative effects of aging is one of the oldest dreams of humanity, and now, through the steady progress of science, we are poised to fulfill that dream.

Whether this occurs in 20 years or 200 is largely a question of funding. The best way to accelerate this process is by mobilizing people who desire longer and healthier lives into a cohesive social force – crowdfunding relevant research and advocating for its benefits to society.

WHAT IS LIFESPAN.IO? is a unique crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to longevity research projects. By crowdfunding early-stage studies on aging, we are accelerating the accumulation of knowledge on how to prevent and eventually reverse age-related ill health and helping new therapies reach clinical trials more rapidly.

Researchers can launch breakthrough projects that might be overlooked by the government grant system due to their novel nature, receiving funds from contributors to fulfill their goals.

Contributors, in turn, can influence the direction and pace of the scientific research that is important to them personally while receiving useful rewards and learning more about the exciting field of rejuvenation biotechnology.


Since was launched in 2015, we have raised over $200,000 for breakthrough research and hosted the following successful crowdfunding campaigns:

Lifespan Heroes

With support from Heroes like you, we can keep improving, support more important studies, and offer unique experiences to you and the longevity community.

Ongoing patrons campaign.

MouseAGE – Photographic Aging Clock in Mice

Using AI and computer vision techniques to determine age and assess the effect of therapies against aging in mice, increasing the pace of research.

$19,408 raised.

AgeMeter – Physiological Biomarkers to Determine Functional age

Developing a diagnostic system to measure human functional age in comparison to chronological age and to assist in the assessment of anti-aging therapeutics.

 $30,061 raised.

CellAge – Your Future is Young

Designing better systems for the detection and safe removal of dysfunctional senescent cells to improve health and treat age-related diseases.

$34,215 raised.

OncoSENS – Cntrl + ALT + delete cancer

High-throughput screening of a library of diverse drugs to find treatments for ALT cancers, which rely on Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres to grow and spread.

$72,002 raised.

MMTP: Phase 1 - Senolytics

MMTP: Phase 1 – Senolytics

Testing a new class of compounds, senolytics, on their ability to extend healthy lifespan by clearing out dysfunctional cells at the University of Leipzig.

$52,070 raised.

MitoSENS - Mitochondrial repair

MitoSENS – Mitochondrial repair

Engineering backup copies of mitochondrial genes to place in the nucleus of the cell, aiming to prevent age-related damage and restore lost mitochondrial function.

$46,128 raised.