“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

― Malcolm X



A collection of informative talks and interviews at various events covering advocacy and the science and research in the field of rejuvenation biotechnology.

Crowdfund the Cure

Keith the president of LEAF talks about how crowdfunding research now will pay dividends later by helping to fund and drive the development of rejuvenation biotechnology.  

Powering Progress

Keith Comito speaks about creating a movement for scientific progress at the DNA Conference in the Netherlands 2016.

Lifespans long Enough?

Brian Kennedy from the Buck Institute and Dr. Aubrey de Grey from the SENS Research Foundation debate the ethics of rejuvenation biotechnology.

Optimal Health & Lifespan

Michael Lustgarten talks about his plan to achieve the world’s longest lifespan through key health metrics.


Oliver Medvedik, Cofounder of the LEAF discusses the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing system in depth and highlights how it may be used to help overcome the diseases and disabilities of aging. He also gives an overview of other promising areas in aging research, such as senescent cell-clearing drugs aka “senolytics”, and “augmentive”approaches.  

Aging and Cancer

Dr. Judith Campisi explains how cancer is an age-related disease by describing the many conditions beyond DNA mutations that must generally be met for a tumor to form. She explains that while cellular senescence is a powerful anti-cancer mechanism and help wound healing, they can nonetheless cause inflammation and can support the formation of tumors.

What is Aging?

So what is aging? Dr. Aubrey de Grey from the SENS Research Foundation advocates that aging is fundamentally a consequence of physics, not biology and explains why in this informative video at Rejuvenation Biotechnology 2016 conference at the Buck Institute for Aging Research. 

Senescent cells

Dr. Judith Campisi at the Rejuvenation Biotechnology 2016 conference at the Buck Institute for Aging Research talking about senescent cells, their role in aging and disease and ways we can eliminate senescent cells to improve health and potentially lifespan. 

Augmented Human Being

George Church Professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard and MIT talks about genetic engineering, medical control of aging and more in this interesting interview. 

Beyond Parabiosis

Irina Conboy, PhD, Associate Professor of Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley talks about the 2015 breakthrough in understanding tissue regeneration and aging in this lecture about cellular signalling. 

Reversing Aging

Dr. David Sinclair is an Australian biologist and Professor of Genetics best known for his research on the biology of lifespan extension. Here he discuses the processes of aging in particular pathways relating to deregulation of nutrient sensing and metabolism. 

Not Dying of Aging

Keith and Oliver from LEAF speak with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky from Intentional Insights about the future of biotech, cognitive bias and more.