A collaboration between online technology company Enjin and the SENS Research Foundation has just been announced with the bold plan to mobilize a community of 20 million video gamers to help fight aging.

Enjin is a cryptocurrency and online video game company with a plan to change how donors and charities interact in a bid to make fundraising for globally important causes more effective.

This collaboration with SENS Research Foundation is the first program on the road to this goal. The project is essentially gamifying the fundraising experience to make it more fun and engaging for donors. To achieve this, donors get rewards for their donations in the form of blockchain-based collectibles known as “non-fungible tokens” (NFTs).

This is similar to the idea behind earning in-game achievements on platforms such as  Steam, Xbox, and Playstation, where gamers are rewarded with trophies and achievements for completing certain tasks or challenges in games. This same gamification may also work for charitable donations, and it is something that we have also explored at LEAF with our crowdfunding platform, which is increasingly becoming gamified as we introduce new features this year.

The NFTs are customized to represent donations, making each unique to a particular cause, such as aging research, environmental issues, and technology. Donors receive NFTs when donating, and these can also be traded, with donors encouraged to collect sets and create their own collections either as individuals or in teams. The hope is to incentivize donations via this system so that donations become a more reliable and regular occurrence.

Enjin hopes to bring more gaming platforms into the fold and claims that there are already 30+ games that are being built with Enjin, with more anticipated to appear in the coming year. Donors can also receive extra in-game lives for games in the Enjin family when they donate to the SENS Research Foundation through that platform.

The video gaming community is vast and has a great deal of financial power. If the support of the gaming community could be effectively harnessed, then a great deal could be achieved in terms of fundraising and progress. Cryptocurrency also has the potential to help drive progress in aging research; you may recall that Vitalik Buterin, founder of the Ethereum Foundation, previously made a personal donation of $2.4 million in cryptocurrency to the SENS Research Foundation, so the potential for funding is considerable.

You can check out the full press release here if you would like to learn more about this interesting initiative.


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