At the Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing, we had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Marco Demaria of the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing.

In this interview with Elena Milova, Dr. Demaria primarily talks about senescent cells, their role in age-related diseases, and methods of controlling them. Among the ways of controlling them include blocking the inflammatory signals they secrete, destroying them with senolytic drugs, and boosting the immune system to remove them naturally.

About the author

Elena Milova

As a devoted advocate of rejuvenation technologies since 2013, Elena is providing the community with a systemic vision how aging is affecting our society. Her research interests include global and local policies on aging, demographic changes, public perception of the application of rejuvenation technologies to prevent age-related diseases and extend life, and related public concerns. Elena is a co-author of the book “Aging prevention for all” (in Russian, 2015) and the organizer of multiple educational events helping the general public adopt the idea of eventually bringing aging under medical control.
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