Creating Quality Events

We are supporting the rejuvenation biotechnology industry by uniting researchers, investors, and the general public.

LEAF has been very active at conferences and events around the world since its creation, and in 2018, we decided it was time to host our own conference in order to support the growth of the industry and connect scientists with investors. This led to the creation of Ending Age-Related Diseases, a conference that united science and investment and brought together industry leaders from both disciplines for an action-packed day of biotechnology in the heart of New York City at the Cooper Union. 

Our first conference was such an outstanding success that, due to popular demand, we are now making this an annual conference, and we will return every year to bring the best of biotech and business together in one place. You can learn more about the conference and watch the talks and panels from the event on the NYC 2018 page.


We are also keen to encourage community members to make their own events. Therefore, we have created the event kit, a handy guide to creating your own event in support of rejuvenation biotechnology under the Lifespan-X name.

This kit lets you get a flying start on creating an event in your own town or city, big or small, and we will give you plenty of support along the way.


With the increasing interest in aging research, and more importantly, the interest in actually doing something about it, there has been an increasingly urgent need to track all these events and put them all in one convenient place. For that reason we have created The Longevity Events Calendar. We will be mapping the events, conferences, and shows happening globally within the field using this new feature on

We will be adding many events to the calendar in the coming year helping our audience to discover them and highlighting those we consider the most important on the community landscape. We also welcome organizers to submit their own events, big or small, to the calendar for our audience to discover and learn more about.