Over the past few years, there has been a tradition of longevity researchers and activists around the world to organize events on or around October 1 — the UN International Day of Older Persons, or Longevity Day. In recent years this has been extended to include the entire month of November as a Longevity Month where activists organize various activities and events to raise awareness for aging research.

This year we have continued this tradition with the Longevity Month “I am the Lifespan” event, where people tell us their story and how they got interested in aging research and doing something about age-related diseases. It has been a great success so far and Lots of people have sent in their stories and we have been publishing them on our Facebook page the last few weeks. We wanted to share some of these stories with you and a little about the people behind them.

I am the Lifespan

First is Dr. Matthew O’Connor, aka Oki from the SENS Research Foundation. Matthew is an aging researcher and a specialist in mitochondria and he knows a great deal about these powerhouses of the cell and how they affect the aging process. Oki runs the MitoSENS project which was successfully funded on in 2015 and made history by being the first team to copy two Mitochondrial genes to the cell nucleus. You can read their publication here to learn more about this novel research.

Next, we have Victor Bjoerk a Masters medical research student from Uppsala University, Sweden. As well as studying, Victor is an active advocate for aging research and also writes articles for the Longevity Reporter and also here at LEAF too. Like an increasing number of biologists, Victor believes that aging is a medical condition and that we are now at the point where science can potentially do something about the aging processes in order to prevent age-related diseases and help people to remain healthy as they grow older.

Gennady Stolyarov author and the president of the US Transhumanist Party also joined the event to lend his support and explain why aging research is important to him. Gennady is the editor in chief at the Rational Argumentator and is very active in the sciences and a frequent advocate for healthy and longer lives through science. We are very grateful to Gennady who has contributed to a number of projects and continues to support our work and advocacy.
Nicola Bagalà from life extension blog Rejuvenaction and also one of the regular writers at LEAF gives his reasons for supporting aging research and why he believes that solving aging is one of the most important things we can do for health and longer life. 
We have had many videos from people and we have uploaded them to our Longevity Month event on Facebook should you wish to watch the others. We would like to thank everyone who has joined in with the event so far and remember, there is still time to send in your video and get involved! You can find out more about how to do that here.
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As a scientific writer and a devoted advocate of healthy longevity and the technologies to promote them, Steve has provided the community with hundreds of educational articles, interviews, and podcasts, helping the general public to better understand aging and the means to modify its dynamics. His materials can be found at H+ Magazine, Longevity reporter, Psychology Today and Singularity Weblog. He is a co-author of the book “Aging Prevention for All” – a guide for the general public exploring evidence-based means to extend healthy life (in press).
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