A great initiative by Laura Katrin Weston one of our amazing volunteers. She is supporting research fundraising using the wonderful artwork she produces at Black Cat Studios.

Black Cat Studios is a small private recording, music production and art studio in Leicestershire, UK, providing a range of services for musicians, broadcasters, and game developers. It is really great to see the community starting to use their talents and passions outside of longevity to help support research. All proceeds will go to and we will use them to support cutting-edge medical research projects such as MouseAge.

Laura will be producing artwork based on 31 themes all with a longevity or transhumanist flavor to them based on this list:

It’s that time of year folks! #Inktober2017 I will be creating a set of 31 special A4 prints in ink that will be available to purchase. These are one-offs and will not be sent to commercial print. I will be trying to carry out an abstract/transhumanist theme within the prompts given.

This year I’m doing something different. All proceeds will be donated to the charity

Why Lifespan? In my opinion, these guys are pioneering research that will benefit us as an entire species. One day their research could end cancer, Alzheimer’s, chronic illnesses like arthritis and other age/time related diseases that cause endless suffering of the human race. They also endeavor to make the quality of human life as we get older much better, if not rid us of the biological effects altogether.

This is something I am passionate about and I encourage all of you to check them out and if possible help support their cause.

You can follow my progress on Facebook as part of my professional studio Black Cat Studios or follow me on Instagram.

Thank you! Happy Inktober!



You can inquire about purchases at the Black Cat Studio website here or via their Facebook page here. We would like to thank Laura for once again supporting our work not only as a volunteer but also as a fundraiser, this is the mark of a person of great character and we are grateful to her for giving up her time in support of science.

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