The next Journal Club will be on October 31st at 13:00 EST/18:00 UK and will be streamed live from the Cooper Union, New York, to our Facebook page.

The last episode we talked about the hallmarks of aging, a popular aging theory that places the various aging processes into of a number of damage categories (hallmarks) and proposes solutions for dealing with them. The topic was so large we could not fit it all into one show and do it justice, so this month will be part 2 where we will talk about the hallmarks we did not cover previously.

You can read the hallmarks of aging here in this open access publication:

López-Otín, C., Blasco, M. A., Partridge, L., Serrano, M., & Kroemer, G. (2013). The hallmarks of agingCell153(6), 1194-1217.

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