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At LEAF we are devoted to education, outreach and helping to increase scientific engagement and support.

Education and advocacy are the cornerstones in our strategy to promote research and progress


For the first time in human history, we can consider bringing aging and age-related diseases under medical control to be a realistic goal. The emerging rejuvenation technologies could free us from aging and disease, providing our children and ourselves with a hundred years of healthy life, strength, and youthful appearance – and perhaps more.

It has been known that Google wants to defeat aging; back in 2013, it established Calico, a company devoted to this goal. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife plan to get rid of diseases, investing their Facebook money into medical research. In Germany, a political party devoted to health research advocates the allocation of 1% of Germany’s budget to the launch of a large project to solve human aging. Similar organizations exist in many countries. However, their investments and efforts are not enough.

It is necessary for people from all walks of life to unite in a single international initiative to achieve victory over age-related diseases. The first critical step on this path is to disseminate evidence-based knowledge about aging and rejuvenation among the general public, including the business sector and philanthropists. This would help attract more resources to aging research and ensure rejuvenation therapies are developed as soon as possible. Public awareness of the potential of these technologies will also lead to more initiatives to improve the local legislation regulating the development, registration, and equal access to the innovative interventions to address the mechanisms of aging.

To achieve this goal, LEAF maintains a variety of educational activities. You can support us by becoming one of Lifespan Heroes and making small recurrent donations: every dollar you give will help us reach out to more people.


LEAF Blog & Newsletter: Explaining rejuvenation science and related topics in plain language

The goal of this project is to increase public awareness of aging as a biological process amenable to medical intervention, and of therapies to address the main mechanisms of aging as a viable approach to prevent and cure age-related diseases.

We help people learn the basics of aging and its main mechanisms and inform them of the progress in bringing each of the Hallmarks of Aging under medical control, including both animal studies and human clinical trials. Apart from gerontology, we are looking at demographic dynamics, population aging, and the economic and social implications to help form a systemic vision of the problem of aging. In our articles, we also discuss the ethics of rejuvenation technologies, the scenarios of their future global implementation, and typical concerns related to longer lives.

Have a look at our latest blog articles here.

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Our team of scientific writers is constantly monitoring publications and reports on these topics, picking up the most interesting and significant ones to produce easy-to-read yet detailed popular articles. We also interview renowned researchers of aging to provide the longevity community with expert opinions, ideas, and forecasts. We release four or five original articles per week on our blog, and in the first year, we produced approximately 150 original publications.

To increase coverage, we are using our powerful social media network to deliver these materials to life extension groups and communities all over the world so that they can be shared with relatives, friends, and colleagues, as everyone has a right to access this most useful knowledge and benefit from the advancement of science. To increase the impact even more, we collect these recent articles into our free Newsletter.

LEAF Events: Running live events to close the gap between researchers and the public

The goal of this project is to provide the community with more exciting opportunities to interact with the researchers of aging and longevity as well as popular life extension advocates and medical specialists who use currently available anti-aging technologies in clinical practice.

At these events, we discuss various topics related to the development of rejuvenation biotechnologies, from the latest findings to regulatory issues, to the public perception of the idea of living longer in good health to the most common public concerns, such as equal access to medical innovations and ethics.

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Once we announce the topic of our event and the main speakers, we will invite you to send us your questions which then can be answered during the Livestream. As we usually post the live broadcast to our Facebook page, you can also ask questions in the Facebook video chat window, and if we have time, we will discuss them too.

The recordings of our live events are valuable educational materials. We edit them, release them on our Youtube channel and Facebook page, and engage our social media network so more people get the chance to watch them.

LEAF Talks: attending scientific and public conferences

There are two main goals of this activity. First, we give talks at public events, disseminating among the general public up-to-date results of rejuvenation research as well as our views on related aspects of the issue, such as demographic trends, the individual, social and economic benefits of implementing rejuvenation technologies into clinical practice, and how to improve the regulatory landscape to better ensure equal access to these innovative therapies.

Second, we also use this as an opportunity to build a strong network of longevity-friendly organizations and individual activists, able to unite efforts when it comes to big endeavors. For instance, last year our team joined forces with the Global Healthspan Policy Institute to promote Nir Barzilay’s project TAME, a clinical trial to test metformin in healthy people to see if it increases healthy lifespan.

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But our work at the conferences is not reduced to giving talks to the general public and networking. LEAF members share their knowledge and experience in advocacy with our colleagues from other organizations as well as individual activists, discussing the different aspects of effective communication with the general public, fundraising for science, and advocacy.

Conferences are also a great place to provide the community with even more informative content. There we bring the community exclusive interviews with the leading researchers in rejuvenation biotechnology, discuss their achievements and plans and bring you the very latest news from this exciting field.

LEAF Journal Club: A monthly science show where we discuss the latest cutting edge research

The main goal for our live streamed journal club led by Dr. Oliver Medvedik and Steve Hill is to provide an in depth review of the latest scientific articles in aging research for anyone who is interested in gaining deeper knowledge in this field. Periodically we also have additional scientists join in, particularly when we review the papers on which they were authors or are within their field of research.

We feel that this is a great opportunity for both scientists who are interested in pursuing research in aging and longevity as well as anyone else who wants to take a guided deep dive into the latest literature on the subject, both for intellectual enjoyment as well as keeping abreast of the science that biotech companies are using to develop new therapies.

Have a look at the latest journal club releases here.

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We launched this initiative as a monthly feature when our recurring Lifespan Heroes donations reached $1000 per month. Donors who have contributed $100 and more to the monthly Heroes campaign also get to join in during the live stream and have questions related to the articles answered in real time.

Usually held on the last Tuesday of the month at 1:30 PM EST, and is Livestreamed to our page on Facebook to provide more people with an opportunity to learn. Each live streamed journal club session is also archived on Youtube channel for anyone to view later.