The folks behind Deep Knowledge Ventures, the Biogerontology Research Foundation, and the Aging Analytics Agency have recently produced a comprehensive report mapping the aging research community.

Volume I – The Science of Longevity

This is the first volume of a series, an 800-page report that details the people, initiatives, non-profits, labs and companies involved in making rejuvenation biotechnology a reality, and well worth a read. Over the last few years, the field of geroscience and aging research has grown considerably, gaining increasing support each year, and so producing a summary of the field was quite a mammoth task.

It seems that this will be one of several reports tracking the field, and it should be followed by four more reports in 2018 and a report every year thereafter. This is a similarly titanesque task, but it is also one of significant importance. Here is a direct link to download the entire report.

The report covers a variety of the scientific approaches being employed in the fight against age-related diseases, ranging from traditional, metabolism-manipulating drug interventions to more direct, repair-based approaches, such as those advocated for in the Hallmarks of Aging and by the SENS Research Foundation.


One could view this kind of initiative like laying a foundation that prepares the way for large-scale investment in the future. Having a comprehensive report like this will come in very handy to help guide investment, and once governmental bodies catch up with developments, it can hopefully help them lend their support to proceedings as well.

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