Today, we have another update from Dr. Matthew “Oki” O’Connor, the MitoSENS lead researcher.

Hi everyone, it’s been an amazing few months. In short, we have been tremendously successful in our efforts to rescue a mutation in the mitochondrial genome!

PrintEssentially, we’ve shown that we can relocate both ATP6 and ATP8 to the nucleus and target the proteins to the mitochondria. We’ve shown that the proteins incorporate into the correct protein complex (the ATPase) and that they improve function, resulting in more ATP production. Finally, we’ve shown that the rescued cells can survive and grow under conditions that require mitochondrial energy production while the mutant cells all die.

We have finished writing up our results and submitted them for review and publication. It may take a while for our results to be published, as the peer review process can be lengthy, but as soon as they are, I’ll post an update here so that you can see the full paper.

We have also started the project on which you helped us get to our stretch goal. We have made all the combinations of MTS with ATP6 that we proposed and are now working on testing them. I’ll let you know when we know more.

Thank you so much for your support!


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