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We make and bring you the latest news in rejuvenation biotechnology.

Here at LEAF, our mission-driven team works hard to produce engaging content, interview leading scientists, and collect the latest news from this exciting field in order to help you keep up to date with the latest progress and happenings in biotechnology.

We also create original articles exploring the science and social issues of rejuvenation biotechnology, produce a monthly digest and podcast covering industry news, and map the progress of therapies through our curated database, the Rejuvenation Roadmap.

LEAF makes keeping up to date with this exciting field easier and offers you the opportunity to choose your news the way you want it.


We work hard to cover as many industry events as we can and bring you exclusive interviews with the leading figures of the rejuvenation biotechnology industry.

Since January 2017, when we began reporting news, we have conducted over 60 interviews with the top researchers in the field, including Professor George Church, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Judith Campisi, Dr. Vadim Gladyshev, and many more.

2019 saw us investing in a radio communication system so that we can better organize and maximize our time at industry events and conferences, and as time goes by, we hope to invest in more equipment, including cameras and lighting, to improve our coverage further.

We could not improve our equipment and grow as an organization without the continued support of our patrons, the Lifespan Heroes; thanks to them, we have already been able to hire some new members of staff and buy new equipment to help us bring the best coverage possible to you. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported our continued growth since 2017 and is helping us to become the best source of rejuvenation biotechnology news.


Brought to you by Nicola Bagalà, the Rejuvenation Roundup is our monthly digest, which takes a look at the major news stories happening in the industry and helps to keep you informed of current developments in the aging research field.

Hosted by Ryan O’Shea of the Future Grind podcast, the Rejuvenation Roundup podcast is a regular podcast that complements the monthly written Roundup articles that we publish here on the blog. The podcast supports the regular written Roundup articles offering a deeper dive into some of the key stories, and it includes quotes and interviews from industry leaders.


In 2018, we launched the Rejuvenation Roadmap, a project to create a curated database that would record and track the progress of the various promising research projects in our field, thus making it easier for people to see how far any given project has come. We are constantly updating and adding to the database as new companies and therapies come online, and we chart their progress to put all the information you need in one convenient place.