The 2018 Project for Awesome concluded on Sunday, December 9, and we had some really good videos in support of our work. We wanted to share a few of our favorite videos with you today.

Our president, Keith Comito, kicked things off with our official P4A video, and he shared a few words about why longer, healthier lifespans are desirable and why we should end age-related diseases by supporting aging research.

Staff writer Nicola and his friend Giuliano made this video about aging and what science is doing to defeat age-related diseases. The duo does a great job at presenting a serious subject but in a fun and lighthearted way that you will hopefully enjoy.

Jason Schmitt, the director of Paywall: The Business of Scholarship, which was released earlier this year, created this video in support of our work. Jason has been instrumental in the campaign for Open Access science, and we urge you to watch his film, as it highlights a crisis in scientific publishing and the ability of people to access it.

Emanuele Ascani filmed a video in which he talks about the work of LEAF and gives a summary of some of our achievements in the last few years and why what we do is important. He is very enthusiastic about the Rejuvenation Roadmap, which is our curated database that tracks progress in aging research and shows how close therapies are to human use. We are really happy that he is enjoying this feature, and we will be updating it soon.

Finally, Elena Milova, our Outreach Director, sang a song about aging research and the hope that one day soon, we will end age-related diseases. She really put heart and soul into this, and her energy and enthusiasm for the cause is inspiring.

We would like to thank everyone who took part by making a video for us and, of course, everyone who voted for our videos. Even if we do not win this year, we are very proud of the community and everyone who supported us during the event.


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As a scientific writer and a devoted advocate of healthy longevity and the technologies to promote them, Steve has provided the community with hundreds of educational articles, interviews, and podcasts, helping the general public to better understand aging and the means to modify its dynamics. His materials can be found at H+ Magazine, Longevity reporter, Psychology Today and Singularity Weblog. He is a co-author of the book “Aging Prevention for All” – a guide for the general public exploring evidence-based means to extend healthy life (in press).
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