A new publication highlights how the complex interaction of NAD+ and cellular senescence pathways may complicate proposed anti-aging therapies that boost NAD+ using precursors. What are epigenetic alterations? One of the proposed reasons we age is the changes to gene expression that our cells experience as we get older; these are commonly called epigenetic alterations….

Today, we want to highlight a recent, small-scale study looking at NAD+ and how it declines with age in the plasma. The researchers looked at various NAD+ metabolites across age groups and found that the amounts of some of them, particularly NAD+ itself, are significantly smaller in older people than younger ones [1]. This is…

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a nucleotide, is critical for life to exist. From the most simple bacteria to complex multicellular organisms such as humans, NAD is a vital component of cellular function and thus life. An increased level of NAD+ appears to convey health and longevity, and a decrease is associated with aging and disease….

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