Today, April 7, 2018, is World Health Day, an annual occasion to raise awareness celebrated on the anniversary of WHO’s founding. The intent is to draw attention to global health issues, and this year’s theme is Universal Health Coverage and how important it is to implement it on a global scale as soon as possible….

Not long ago, we wrote about some complications involving the WHO 13th programme of work. In the initial version of this document, developed by the WHO working group in November 2017, the problems of the elderly were nearly completely overlooked. The joint effort of our community helped to bring this critical flaw to public attention….

When it comes to healthcare, WHO remains the global flagship in terms of setting priorities and adjusting policies in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare needs. In the past few years, WHO has been making steps towards preparing our society to handle the “silver tsunami” and the increasing needs of the elderly population, which is expected…

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